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KYOY has rebranded itself as oldies 2.0 but still plays the Greatest Hits on the Planet. It’s an eclectic blend of 70s, 80s and 90s “Pop Hits” along with FM album cuts that boost our music to make it one of the biggest music library’s around.

We target our audience to a 35-54 demographic with an appeal to both an even younger and older audience. KYOY is the only radio station that caters to one of the fastest growing population segments in Cheyenne and Laramie County. Our listeners listen longer, support our advertising community with the shop, buy, and eat local campaign daily and we are honored that our radio station is being played around town in various businesses throughout each broadcast day.

Since 2007 KYOY, a local and family owned and operated property, reminds you that radio advertising is still one of the strongest mediums and your best bet to present your message to Cheyenne, Laramie County, and Wyoming. For example did you know?

1. 77% of Wyoming residents listen to the radio weekly.
2. Radio is still the most used medium by Wyoming drivers. 83% listen to radio vs. 34% listening to satellite!
3. Radio is more important than the internet as a source for local news and weather emergencies!
4. 35% of people listen to radio for local news – 25% look at the newspaper.
5. Radio use at home ranks #1 with 57% of Wyomingites listening to “local” broadcast radio!

Remember!..Broadcast media is still the best way to get your message heard in Wyoming
(Information provided by W.A.B.)

Advertising on kyoy.net

Advertising with KYOY isn’t just on the air, it’s also on the Net! Now you have the option of advertising on the radio, including local live remotes which only KYOY can bring you. KYOY’s website www.KYOY.net enhances what we do on air and gives our listeners access to information from two different sources.

KYOY and www.KYOY.net are the local information sources
Listeners turn to KYOY and www.KYOY.net so…
Advertising on KYOY and www.KYOY.net gets results.
Don’t let your potential customers click away…contact KYOY for pricing packages!

For More Information, Contact Larry Proietti by:
Phone: (307) 637-0301 or E-mail.


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